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STARLINK is here

We are now online in a much more substantial way.  Happy to be snappy!

If you are in a rural location and your Internet is not up to standard, take a look at https://starlink.com to order, or to learn more https://www.starlink.com/faq


Drone News  – As winter sets in again around our area, the drones are getting some rest. However, some snow flights may be coming along, so be sure to check out the YouTube channel for those.

Below is a flight featured on the channel. Late fall and lots of wilderness, its in 4k, so be sure to watch at your best screen resolution.  No moose were harmed in the making of this video… LOL

Click the “Watch on YouTube” link for best results.

MEDIA Sources:::  See our YouTube Channel for Drone Videos, also see us at SkyPixel, Kuula and ImageBB.

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