We’ve created a new Forum from the ashes of the old one. Please sign up… come talk with us!  The previous forum was data corrupted and could not be recovered, it was online for 11 years.

This new one, Its about life, music, technology, the arts, and anything else that we want to discuss.  We are looking for mature membership… So if you are tired of Facebook, Twitter and all those swarms of opinions, give us a try.


STARLINK is here

We are now online in a much more substantial way.  Happy to be snappy!

If you are in a rural location and your Internet is not up to standard, take a look at https://starlink.com to order, or to learn more https://www.starlink.com/faq


Drone News  – Covid 19 restrictions are easing in Ontario Canada where we are located.  We’ve been testing some Anamorphic videography,  and are getting out to fly now that the lockdown has been lifted. New footage to follow…

Below is an example of the footage from the Anamorphic lens when applied to the Mavic Air 2 camera.  Best to watch this on your largest screen at the highest resolution you have.

Click the “Watch on YouTube” link for best results.

MEDIA Sources:::  See our YouTube Channel for Drone Videos, also see us at SkyPixel, Kuula and ImageBB.

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