December 2022 – Season’s Greetings

Winter’s here….

Winter is bearing down on our area… it keeps showing up then leaving then coming back!

The Old Farmhouse

Had to capture this old building, a couple more years and it will probably collapse.

Best watched on YouTube, 4k resolution.

More GoPro Video…. fall scenery coming soon…

Had to stop and grab this footage recently, the light was just right and the stabilization did not suffer… filmed at 4k60.

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A recent find…

We discovered a video compiled a while back based on our fallen comrade Don’s old studio setup. We are sharing here in his honour. We collaborated on this music, which was created in Garage Band of all things…. lol. All that pro gear was not setup when we recorded it… some trickery perhaps?

© 2022 northwood mediaworks

Drone News

Summer has dwindled, and fall weather permitting we will be making more flights before the snow flies, still smarting from the whole pandemic thing – Covid really spoiled the fun…. Here’s another recent flight, using the anamorphic lens accessory from Freewell. 4k60fps Best click on the “Watch on Youtube” button for the full effect.

Other Video News

We’ve recently acquired a GoPro Hero 10 to add terrestrial video imagery to our drone stories, and will be sharing those on YouTube as we go along. Here’s two examples, one TimeWarp and one slowmo… best watched on YT full screen.

This was a 35 minute drive compressed into 2 minutes. No speeding tickets were issued though!

The SlowMo video was tripod mounted, showing off the depth to which the Hero 10 can slow things down. The Hero 11 is now out, but we are not jumping on that anytime soon.

Audio News

At NAMM this spring a new innovation for DSP was revealed, and for those of us in the Audio/Video world, this may become a game changer, allowing us to lever existing hardware in new ways. .. stay tuned.

Thanks for visiting. More to follow.

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