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March 13, 2021  - Seven Years AD.

Its 2021, another year has rolled on by. I hope this finds you well. Its been a heck of a year, I wonder what Don would have thought of this pandemic, how it would have affected his day to day life... Its been tough for all of us. His pics are still on our refrigerator and we continue to feel his presence now and then. (we might be crazy though!) I hope each March 13th will remind you of the great memories we all have of this great guy. May he rest in peace, and live on in our minds. Have a look through the videos below and refresh your memory.

March 13, 2020  - Six Years Ago.

Greetings visitors. For 2020, I did not have the resources to complete a new video, I have exhaused most of my video clips and photos of Don to share. So, I invite you to browse back through the various offerings posted since 2015 and reboot your own memories a little. At our house we still find Don creeping into our discussions now and then, little things trigger some pretty funny memories sometimes. Be sure to visit the gallery also. Just last evening, I was going through some CD's and found one he had produced of our "Industrial Space Band" which consisted of myself, Mike and Don. There were some fun tunes on there. I will see about getting one online. Thats all for now. Do take care and never forget your friends gone before you.

March 13, 2019  - Five Years Ago.

Hello friends….

So here we are at 5 years AD !

Seems like yesterday to me sometimes, it helps to still have his pictures on the fridge door, yet he continues to haunt us... things just seem to remind us of him. And thats completely out of the blue at times. So hey Don, if you're able to read this... hope you like the video. I think he would. This year, its really a remix of video imagery, as I am out of anything new in the archives. Short of hiring some paranomal pundit, we are at the point where we've had it all.

This year, the music is a creation of Don and our good friend Mike, of Phelpronics. Mike actually sent me this last year, and I found it just a few weeks back buried in my inbox... so it seemed like a good sountrack, and the video FX seem to go with it. (your opinion may vary !!!)

We've all carried on with our lives, each day, week, month and year, we face new challanges, we witness changes both good and bad. Looking back over the 5 years since we lost our friend, I wonder how you are all doing, Don actually brought some of us together again, some briefly, and some in closer contact. Thats a good thing. Take care all. If you would like to get in touch, please use the contact form on the main website.

Here is this year's video...

See below for the previous years gone by....

March 2018  - Four Years On.

Hello friends….

Here we are once again, now four years later, for some, it's still vivid, perhaps others have moved on and this memory is just more dust in the wind… However, as you are reading this, so you've thought about this date in history again (and I might have emailed you!!!) . Welcome back.

For us, at Casa Northwood, the memory is still strong. Don lives on our fridge door, he has ever since the fleshy Don left us. Both myself and Julia can feel his presence now and then, certain thoughts and mannerisms that were uniquely Don seem to re-appear at the most interesting moments. We're pretty sure he's there with us… he liked our place. I hope you have some experience like this with your lives.. fair to say he enriched us each in some way or another.

This year, we have two videos! In my composition, I have strung together some moments which may not have been seen by all, it's a patchwork quilt of things really… one bittersweet part is that we lost another "best friend" quite recently, who was also one of Don's favourite beasts at our place… Dodger the Akita, left us in February this year. We are hoping that they are both together keeping each other company. I am remembering them both this year.

The second video, "Don and Them", is a production composed quite some time ago, by Gare Black, which is seemingly a parody on another rock 'n'roll epic, you'll probably guess it. Its 11 minutes you may never get back, but its worth it… Don seems like the only normal guy in it… go figure! Thanks Gare for sharing with us. Nicely done. We all need to be like these guys sometimes.

Hope everyone is keeping well and happy, feel free to say hello via the contact form on the main site.

Best - R

Here are the videos:

March 2017  - Three Years On.

So another year has passed. In my world of music and technology, I have often pondered how Don might have reacted to some of the new innovations that have come along since he departed. I think he would have been quite excited about some of these. Don was all about gear (equipment, not needles!). Never a month would go by without an acquisition or trade of some sort, all to bolster the tremendous potential his studio already had. This year, I focused my video efforts on one musical collaboration with him, his second last Family Day weekend visit to our place in the north (2013). As we worked on this tune, we had a great time sampling my squeaky front door, which you can hear at the beginning and the end of the recording. He brought along some high end microphones and boutique pre-amps to capture that door! Hey, why not, there was no plan! The video certainly reflects his love of gear.

So dear friends, as you read this and if you watch the video, I think it may help you to recall a "Don moment" of your own, its easy to remember those times, impossible not to smile and laugh a little. What a great legacy to leave people... So, please watch and think.... We called this tune "Tribal Family" as we are all part of that, like it or not. Its a little bit psychedelic... he would have liked it I am fairly sure.

I wish you all the very best for the year ahead, and please get in touch if you like.


The 2016 Message....
March 12, 2016 – Well, here we are again, its been just about two years now since Don left us, and for me personally, I find him popping into my day many times per week. As I am fairly active in music composition still, its not unusual for me to suddenly be reminded of some fact or assistance that Don had given me for audio manipulation / engineering.  We’ve kept some pictures on the fridge doors too, so he’s not out of our minds (we might be though!) for long.  Sometimes out of the corner of my eye I see a glimpse of something, which is never there, makes me wonder if he’s darting around, adjust EQ and drum parameters when I am not looking.


I’ve assembled another little video, this time with more audio, some clips are still silent.  We still have not found the time to do the “Donumentary” we’ve promised, so perhaps 2016 will be the year we dive in.  Hope you are all well, and that you think of our friend once in a while. I am pretty sure he’s with us all, just keeping out of sight.
Please enjoy the video.....
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2015's Message below...
March 12, 2015 - Hello friends..... On this day in 2014, Don went to work, like any other day, all was normal.  We talked on the phone that evening.... I called again the following evening, and you know the rest.
Its hard to believe now that its been one year since Don passed away (March 13, 2014). In fact, it’s still hard to believe he's actually gone. Well, perhaps part of that disbelief comes from the notion that he's really still around to some extent, living on in our memories, or perhaps poking me in the ear when I am mixing audio poorly.  For me, there are many other things I am into which remind me of what he might think, say or do as if we were discussing them, his opinions were to the point and generally spot on. In day to day life, I hear things which lead me to wonder how he would react, his sharp wit and as his sense of humour were indelible to most.  At times that is inspirational for me. Taking life too seriously was not one of Don's traits, keeping it light most certainly was. My inbox is much emptier than it used to be in the past year. A fellow friend recently said, while I explained what I was up to on this site, that perhaps I should let it go. In some ways I can, but fact is I really don’t want to. So my commitment to Don's memory will be to maintain this site, and to publish something annually to foster some remembrance. Perhaps it may bring some comfort to someone else somewhere, beyond myself, so no harm done.  I've learned the greater value of life this past year.


A few of Don's friends and I have discussed creating a "Donumentary", but we have not made a great start at that so far, so in the meantime, I whipped up a string of clips to offset the already large collection of still photos collected. Perhaps this summer we can get a little further. You can watch online or if you’d like to download, there are links at the bottom of the page. In most browsers you can right-click the link and “save link as” or “save target as” then choose a spot on your machine to save to. Thanks for visiting today. RH

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